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About us:

     Company "Šele" Smederevo was founded in 1990 by a group of engineers who had been working for a long time in Fagram Smederevo. Based on that it was normal that by using knowledge gained at Faculty of Mechanical engineering (Belgrade University) and experience gained at Fagram our program become a product of that knowledge and experience focused on:

A. Repairment to general overhaul:
    1. Machines for air processing and production:
            -all capacity compressors - piston and screw      
            -low pressure compressors all capacity
    2. Concrete production plants-all capacity
    3. Concrete pump trucks
    4. Machines for separation, transportation and crushing concrete
B. Purchases, repairment and sales of equipment listed under A
C. Production of new equipment
D. Works on equipment listed under A, depending on malfunction, we are carrying out at customers or in
      Smederevo, all with an aim to reduce expenses to minimum.

        For all works and sales we are giving adequate warranty.

E. Industrial cooperation and services

    In case after analysis of above listed you find us suitable for cooperation, we encourage you to contact us and our contact persons are Radenko Gajic, Milan Janjic.